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Compose Code Snippets

Bite sized code snippets for common Jetpack Compose problems. Copy + Paste ready!
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Helper to ensure that you can render custom AbstractComposeView implementation's in Android Studio Preview

A Modifier that tracks all input events, and calls the block lambda passed to it every time an input is received

Common dots loading animations implemented using Jetpack Compose

An AutoCompleteTextView implementation in Jetpack Compose

Autosizing text composable in Jetpack Compose

Wrapper for the Text element to add additional padding after the last baseline such that the height of the last line of text matches the style's lineHeight

Demo that shows some slick gestures, animations and physics to emulate a bouncy rope

Use this Modifier to add a bounding box around the @Composable function that it's applied to

Sample implementation of CameraX integration in a Composable

Collapsible Top App Bar in Jetpack Compose

Shadows in Jetpack Compose do not have the ability to customize their color. This snippet provides a solution to overcome this limitation using Modifiers and the classic Android paint object

Custom layout to constraint and place children in slots of equal dimensions using a single measure pass

A basic implementation of the Material Design Exposed Dropdown Menu component

FAB with show/hide animations according to the Material spec

Jetpack Compose Component that styles and handles clickable links which are part of the text that's passed to it

Useful for printing log statements when a composable function is being recomposed

Component capable of handing the markdown text that's passed to it

Reusable transitions that map to the Material motion system

Code snippet that demonstrates how one can create an overlay window that lives on top of activities using Jetpack Compose.

A simple star rating bar component implemented using Compose

Modifier to visualize the recompositions happening in your composable functions

A simple Composable to manually rotate the screen with Jetpack Compose, without rotating the Activity

A Modifier that adds the effect of snowflakes falling on the composable that it's applied to

Slick demo that shows swipeable cards along with boomerang effect when the cards get swiped. Great demonstrate of gestures, animations and a truly delighful UX

Animated worm page indicator that's typically used with view pagers and intro sliders

Configuration setting that makes Jetpack Compose development more efficient by removing the noise from auto complete

Make your Modifier chains look slick with the "ifNotNull" conditional Modifier

Make your Modifier chains look slick with the "ifTrue" conditional Modifier

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